Thora Sigurdardottir
Öldugata 3
Tel 896 1930
101 Reykjavik

Studio Myrargata, 101 Reykjavik

E-mail: thora@this.is

1995-2005 Courses on Art and Philosophy, University of Iceland and The Iceland Academy of Art. 1988-1991 The Jutlandia Academy of the Arts, Denmark.
1979-1981 The Reykjavik School of Visual Art. 1976-1979 The Icelandic College of Art and Craft, Teaching Education. 1979-1981 The Icelandic College of Art and Craft, Fine Art.

Project KnowHow initiator/project manager for a EU funded Leonardo da Vinci project on Creative Teaching/Learning in the studios of Art Schools in Europe 2004-2007
including projects as: MINDS MAKING; a studio approach to teaching and learning, an International symposium in the Reykjavik Academy April 2007: www.knowhow.is/newtypo/index.php?id=2
Tutor Workshop (http://www.knowhow.is/newtypo/index.php?id=173 )
in EAA (Eesti Academy of the Arts) Tallinn, Estonia September 2006
and a 2 week workshop for teachers and students from 6 European Art Schools September 2005 in ICSHU Hungary (www.icshu.org/leonardo/images/2005/workshop/workshop.htm )
Kecskemet, Hungary.
Initiator/project manager for the project Art workshops in Nýp, Dalacounty, West Iceland starting 2006; workshops with local children and young people in Tjarnarlundur (in collaboration with The Reykjavik School of Visual Art), international kilnbuilding workshop for professionals within art and design, experimenting with local minerals and clay (in collaboration with The Reykjavik School of Visual Art and project KnowHow http://www.knowhow.is/newtypo/index.php?id=169 ) Subsidized by The Cultural Commitee of West Iceland.
The project "Mit sted/dit sted-my place/ your place in cooperation with Anne Thorseth (DK) ongoing since 2004 (http://www.sudsudvestur.is/thoraanne.htm )
visualized through installations, printmaking and various collaborations; Autumn 2006 Mit sted dit sted / my place your place; printing of a lithographic book project, in Norup´s lithographic printstudio, ,Copenhagen. Gullkistan Laugarvatn - A contribute to the the gymhouse by the Lake Laugarvatn which is going to be torn down for a new thermal spa building by the lake - a music/space performance with Herdís Jónsdóttir.
2003 Invitation to Disturbances, International Workshop for Music, Architecture, Visual -and Performing Arts, organized by NOMUS and NordScen, (sponsored by Danmarks Radio, the Council of the Nordic Ministers) resulting in a Video/Audio Installation in Charlottenborg Exhibition Space Copenhagen 2003 (www.nordscen.org/index.php?id=50 and www.lucaruzza.it go to: installation-DISTURBANCES). Rector for The Reykjavik School of Visual Art (RSVA) 1998-2005 (www.myndlistaskolinn.is). RSVA is a non profit artist based organisation supported by state and commune. RSVA teachers are all university educated artists/designers/architects and active as such, along with the teaching . Projects within RSVA: Developement within RSVA of a state supported Foundation Year for the University level starting year 2000. Developement of Workshops within the RSVA for Primary School Children in collaboration with a Primary School in Reykjavik Commune, starting 2004. Developement within RSVA of the Project Art Teaching for children 3-5 year, in collaboration with pre-primary School Dvergasteinn starting 1999. Organization of RSVA projects and exhibitions with institutions of Art and Culture in Reykjavik Commune since 1998; F.ex. with The Reykjavik Commune Library, the Reykjavik City Theater, The ReykjavikAcademy, The Archeological Project Skriduklaustur, The Reykjavik Photo Museum, The Reykjavik Art Festival. Collaboration of the RSVA with Institutions of Art and Education in Finland, Lithuania and Sweden.
Teaching projects within primary schools in Reykjavík, on secondary school level and university level in Reykjavik School of Visual Art.

Joint exhibitions since 1990:
2005-2006 : New Icelandic Art ll in The National Gallery (Ný Íslensk Myndlist 2) (www.listasafn.is) 2005 Images of The North, Conference /exhibitions at Reykjavik Winther Festival (www.akademia.is/imagesofthenorth/english/index.htm) ; Exhibition of 10 artists organized in relation to the Conference theme: videos projected outdoors in Center Reykjavik and works by the same artists shown in the Hoffmannsgalleri, The ReykjavikAcademy exhibition locals. April 2006 Gallerí Plús, Akureyri, with Sólveig Aðalsteinsdóttir . 2006 Postulín in The Living Art Museum (http://www.vortex.is/sari/nylo2006.htm ) . 2005 Okt.-Nov. Mit sted/dit sted-My place/your place in Galleri Lars Borella Copenhagen Denmark and in 2005 November-Des. in Suðsuðvestur, Keflavik, Iceland (http://www.sudsudvestur.is/thoraanne.htm).
2005 October The Reykjavik Sculpture Union in Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjördur Iceland. 2005 June-July Gullkistan Laugarvatn (www.gullkistan.is). 2004 Sept.-Nov. Printing project Den Nordiske in J. Norup Lithographic Printing Workshop Copenhagen. 2003 Den Nordiske in The Portalen Greve Denmark.
2003 Disturbances in Charlottenborg Cbh (http://www.lucaruzza.it/ -go to installations - Disturbances). 2003 Knabstrup Kulturfactory West Sealand Denmark. Ferdafuda traveling exhibition Iceland 2001- 2003. 2001 Den Nordiske i Den Frie Udstillingsbygning Copenhagen. 1999-2000 Milleneum in Gallery Sævars Karls. 1998 Time / Space in The Living Art Museum Reykjavik. 1997 Alley-Images, 12 Artists in alleys by Laugavegur, Reykjavik. 1997 The Reykjavik Sculpture Union in Skálholt Biskupstungum Iceland. 1997 Angels in Árnesinga Art Museum Selfossi Iceland. 1997 The Sculpture Union 25 Annivesary Nýlendugötu Reykjavík. 1995 The Living Art Museum Reykjavik 17 Years. 1995 Allersmaaborg Groningen The Netherlands. Reykjavik Art Festival 1994 Skúlptúr Skúlptúr Skúlptúr Kjarvalstaðir. 1994 Krokade The Art Museum Aarhus Dk. 1994 Krokade Fyns Art Museum Odense Fyn Denmark. 1993 Tvískinnungur MokkaKaffi Reykjavik. 1993 Albertslund City Hall Denmark. 1991 Ringsted Gallery Ringsted Dk. 1990 Aarhus Kunstbygning Dk. 1983 ROC International print exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan

Private exhibitions:
2007 The University Library, Akureyri, Iceland, 2003 Window Space Kbh. Denmark. 2003 Knabstrup Kulturfactory Denmark. 1998 The Labour Union Art Museum ASÍ, Iceland. 1995 Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Iceland. 1995 Gallery Sævars Karls Bankastræti Reykjavik. 1993 The Living Art Museum Reykjavík. 1992 Gallerí 11 Skólavörðustígur Reykjavik. 1992 Gilið Akureyri Iceland. 1989 Galleri Kongo Copenhagen Denmark. 1985 The Living Art Museum Reykjavik.

2005 Travel grant from MUGGUR The City of Reykjavik/SÍM/ MYNDSTEF Culture Fund. 2005 MYNDSTEF Project grant. 2005 Letterstedtska FondenProject Grant, 2005 Dansk-Islandsk Fond Project Grant. 2004 MUGGUR Project Grant. 2003 Ministry of Culture and Education, travel grant. 2003 Six month grant from The Icelandic Visual Artist´s Fund. 2003 Invitation to DISTURBANCES, Workshop Project Promoted by Nomus, Nordscen og Nordic Minister´s Fund. 2003 The West Sealand Commune Culture Fund Denmark. 1998 Six month grant from Ministry of Culture and education; The Icelandic Visual Artist´s Fund. 1995 Ministry of Culture and education, travel grant. 1994 Ministry of Culture and education, travel grant.

Graphics in publications:
2000 The Highlands of Iceland, A Claim for Preservation of the wast Icelandic Highland´s Wilderness, author Guðmund Páll Ólafsson Published by Mál og Menning.
1995 The Beach, author Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson published by Mál og Menning.
1998 Graphics for The Architectmagazine B published by architects in Aarhus, Denmark. 1998 Graphics for Dryssende Roser, Essays on French Philosophy by Jörn Erslev Andersen. 1989 Graphics for a Novel by Susan Sontag for the Litterature magazine FREDAG Copenhagen. 1989 Graphic for a Novel in Politikens Sundaymagazine, Denmark. Childrens books 1984-1998: 1995 An Old icelandic Rhyme, Einn og tveir inn komu þeir. Sossa, childhood memories from the beginning of the 20th century in a remote farm in West Iceland author Magnea frá Kleifum (translated to Danish) . 1983-1993 Illustrations for The Publication of Educational Material Iceland. 1986 Icelandic Folk Tales and Adventures, published by Mál og Menning. The Story Well (við Sagnabrunninn), mythical stories edited/translated by Alan Boucher published by Mál og Menning 1984.

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Work in public collections:
The Icelandic National Gallery. The Labour Union Art Gallery Iceland. The Living Art Museum, Iceland. Covi Consult Collection Denmark. Akureyri College Collection of Art, Iceland. Odder Hospital Collection of Art, Denmark. Reykjavik Commune´s Art Museum Iceland.


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