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The Wondrous World of River Jökla and Kringilsárrani “Peninsula”
The Highlands at Snćfell

5 days – provisions by car. Departure 3th August 2006 (B4)

Glúmsstađasel – Jökulsá á Dal – Eyjabakkar – Snćfell – Sauđá - Tröllagilslćkur – Jökla – Rauđaflúđ – Töfrafoss – Kringilsá – Kringilsárrani - Hraukar – Hafrahvammar – Kárahnjúkar

-- Itinerary --

DAY 1:
Departure by car from Egilsstađir village at 09:15. En route to Kárahnjúkar area via Fljótsdalur valley. Hike up by a series of waterfalls in glacial river Jökla, altogether 15 falls and numerous magnificent rapids. Visibility allowing, the King of Icelandic mountains, Snćfell, and our destination, is in magnificent view. Extra shoes for wading may come in handy as the wetlands brooks and streams feeding Jökla are liable to grow in the summer. Rendezvous with Sibbi, our driver, is planned before marching on to our camp at the roots of Snćfell where we will stay for two nights in the bosom of glaciers and mountains after a long day’s journey.

This day is dedicated to the unique Eyjabakkar wetlands, formed by the fine silt deposited by glacial river Jökulsá á Fljótsdal. An unparalleled oasis of vegetation, 650m above sea level, habitat of most of the known species of highland vegetation, some of them very rare. We will take the direction of Eyjabakka-glacier and will inspect Hraukar, magnificent examples of terminal moraines, and the neighbouring tarns, in an area where reindeer and pink footed geese feed and roam. We will trek on to our camp in the neighbourhood of the planned site of Eyjabakkar dam. This is where a group of artist and other lovers of nature enacted a performance to protest against the destruction of the site.

DAY 3:
Our driver Sibbi, will take us to Sauđá river. We will follow Sauđá downstream to Jökla river. From there we will head south, following Jökla upstream, by its canyons and grown banks, to look at the impressive columnar basalt formations and nests of pink footed geese. We will see the „red“ rapids in Jökla, called „Rauđuflúđir“. Our route will take us through a grown area to our camp for the night in Sauđafellsalda hill, where we will stay for two nights.

DAY 4:
We will walk to the junction of rivers Jökla and Kringilsá. There we will see the magnificent canyons of Kringilsá, with itst raging rapids. We will get to know the unique sanctuary of Kringilsárrani. We will spend the day enjoying serenity, natural beauty and a surprisingly varied fauna. We will take a look at the geology of Brúarjökull glacier which sediments and moraines probably offer the most visible, best-known history of any outlet-glacier in the world. We will inspect the feeding area of reindeer and the pink-footed geese, rare highland vegetation, canyons, rapids, waterfalls, sediment terraces, terminal moraines and other glacial vestiges.

The day starts with a drive with Sibbi to the greatest canyons in Iceland. We will inspect the canyons of Dimmugljúfur and Hafrahvammagljúfur. On our return journey we will stop by the planned site of Kárahnjúkar dam, where those who want to can join in. From there we will drive directly to Egilsstađir in time for our afternoon flight.

Our journey starts at Egilsstađir airport, where passengers will be picked up at 9:15. By the end of the journey they will be dropped off at the same place in time for the late-afternoon flight.

Full board including breakfast, hot evening meals and travelling provisions. Tents and such will be transported by car. It is therefore only necessary to carry light daypacks, with day provisions and protective clothing.

Some of the day-journeys are short while others are longer. Our pace however will be comfortable and not too difficult. The elevation is not great except when we walk upstream by glacial river, Jökulsá in Fljótsldalur, the first day, in which we cover the greatest distance.

Price: IKR 42.000

Included in the package: guided tour, full board, transport of luggage and travel by car. Yoga sessions in the mornings and evenings.

Guides: Ásta Arnardóttir and Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir
Driver: Sigurbjörn Árnason
Catering: Brynhildur Ţorgeirsdóttir
Yoga teacher: Ásta Arnardóttir

Note that the outlined itinerary is subject to change, at the discretion of the guides.

Bookings: Ţuríđur Einarsdóttir:
Tel: (354) 8644012

Confirmation fee IKR 5.000 payable into Augnablik account 0306-26-883 SSN. 670793-2499. Please remember to state full name. Confirmation fee non-refundable.
Introductory meeting to be announced.

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